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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  March 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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message on the mall. hundreds rally. two different groups and a double dose of demands. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. we're following to big stories this evening. thousands on the national mall bringing their voices to the antiwar movement. and on capitol hill t is down to the wire to pass health care. president brack brack is making a final push to get his signature legislation through. he went into a meeting with all the democrats in the house a couple of hours ago saying we are going to get this done.
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but democratic leaders are still trying to line up the votes they need. fox's kelly wright has the latest. >> reporter: on the eve of the health care vote in the house, president obama cancels a trip to asia to rally members of his party. >> we're 24 hours away. >> reporter: house democratic leaders seeming more confident they'll have the votes to pass legislation saying the bill will provide health insurance to 30 million currently uninsured americans. >> for seniors, for our young people, for women, for small businesses. >> reporter: but some on the left side of the aisle still need convincing. a group of conservative democrats led by democrat stupak of michigan say they won't say aye to any legislation that includes abortion funding. >> this is an issue that still has to be resolved. >> reporter: all americans in the house are set to vote against the measure. >> we're real doctors. >> reporter: some taking time to speak against it at a tea party rally. >> this is my voting card.
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it's a red card. and it will vote no on this government takeover of health care. >> reporter: g.o.p. representatives say the bill will hurt small businesses and instead of doctors, they say bureaucrats in washington will end up making medical decisions. >> this has more in common with tyranny. >> kill the bill. >> reporter: while republicans fight against the bill, house speaker nancy pelosi says the democrats are on the verge of making history for the american people. kelly wright, fox news. earlier today virginia congressman gerry connolly announced he is now going to vote in favor of the house bill. a final vote is expected tomorrow afternoon. as you just saw outside the capital today, thousands of tea party protesters rallied against the health care overrecall. they say it's the -- overhaul. they say it's their final push to stop the bill.
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>> president obama, open your ears. we've got freedom loving americans that will not be silenced. >> there's another tea party rally last tuesday. this was put together to accommodate those who could not attend. >> reporter: health care is not the only issue that has people protesting tonight. on the seventh anniversary of the war in iraq, activists demanded that president obama get american troopsut. what mr. obama has done they say is just not enough. but as fox 5's john henrehan report, the antiwar gathering was considerably smaller than previous marches. >> reporter: they assembled across the street from the white house on the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the u.s. war in iraq. they came from many different states, but most of the protesters had similar messages. get american troops out of iraq and afghanistan. >> the iraqis have had several elections. it's time to bring all of the troops out of iraq, to bring
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them back home safely. >> we're making new enemies faster than we're killing them. >> i firmly believe war is not the answer. we can't do this. >> reporter: the raging grannies put their antiwar message to music. ♪ it's time now to take back our country ♪ and give folks a helping hand ♪ >> reporter: there appeared to be about 2,000 potesters in lafayette park. by the time the march down d.c. streets began in the early afternoon there were maybe 3,000 people in the crowd. i've covered antiwar demonstrations in washington, d.c. for about 30 years. among those that are nationally ornized with people coming in from out of state, this is actually one of the smallest i've ever seen. >> but it is a business disheartening. i would love to see a lot more people out here. i tried to conjure together some friends. >> it seems so long, people are
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tting discouraged, losing steam. >> reporter: some organizers believe the public is still giving president obama a prolonged honeymoon period. others think the continuing recession will eventually make taxpayers question current war policies. >> we're going to continue to tie those economic problems to the war and i think we're going to see the antiwar movement grow. >> reporter: antiwar protesters plan a leadership summit in albany, new york this summer to try to figure out strategies that will swell these crowds and push policymakers to end the wars. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 ews. breaking news out of southeast d.c. a body pulled from the anacostia river. police tell us the body was found just south of the bridge, the bridge that carries pennsylvania avenue over the anacostia. it isn't yet known who the person is or how they died. but investigators say it looks like the person ma have died sometime -- may have died sometime before today. the f.b.i. and virginia tech police say there is no danger to the campus after threats were made this week. they say someone from italy
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sent threatening e-mails and internet postings. officials say even though the threats have been taken very seriously, the person making them is not in a position to cause any danger. the fee limit in parts of virginia going up. they would be 70 miles per hour in interstates in rural or less populated areas of the state. the law will take effect on july 1 but transportation officials still have to sign off on whether it would be safe. governor bob mcdonnell supports the change. the vote passed the virginia house and senate this week. spring has sprung. today is the first official day of the season and we're all happy to see that what an absolutely gorgeous day it was. the flowers starting to come out. the trees starting to bloom a little bit. a picture perfect day. a great day to walk around the mall, maybe take a picture. not complaining one tiny bit at aw. gwen tolbart in the weather center to give us -- get us started with this first full day of spring. >> hopefully people got out and enjoyed it because it was
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spectacular. it officially kicked in. if you take a look at my graphics at 1:32 this afternoon. at that time it was 70 degrees at national airport. so off to a great start. as far as temperatures are concerned right now, if you're out and about, not bad at all. temperatures still into the 70s. i want to tell you our highs are anywhere from 17 to 20 degrees above seasonal so it's still fairly nice outside. we don really have much going o. a few clouds that will stroll in a little later on from areas of the west but other than that we've had clear conditions across the area and students will not -- and tonight will not be all that bad either if you have plans. tonight light winds and cool, 47 degrees. a great night to get out and enjoy. wait till you see my forecast for the next day or so it's not all bad either. i'll have the details when i come upstairs and an all important look at five-day. >> thank you for that. an arlington man has won the national marathon again. he was among thousands of runners who hit the streets for the race today. it started and ended at rsk
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stadium. mike -- rsk stadium. -- rsk stadium. he in-- rfk stadium. this is the fourth ti he has won the national marathon. congratulations to him. a nice day for a walk that brought a man face to face unfortunately with some killer bees. find out what happened when the bees swarmed and why that man is heart broken tonight. plus, trouble for toyota puts millions of cars in recall. the complaints still rolling in. the transportation secretary plans a major move. a teenage boy beaten to death in a park with a baseball bat. stay wright where you are. we -- stay right where you are. we're just getting started. ♪
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chocolate taste in every bite. we now know the name of the boy killed in a baseball bat beating. he's 16-year-old christian perez. his body was found in a park in alexandria yesterday. karen gray houston has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a parade of grieving friends and relatives stopped by the home of christian perez to pay their respects. no one in the family wanted to comment on what happened. back over at the scene, police patrolled the area near manner drive and sky view. >> we're still looking for suspects. we're following up on several active leads and hopefully we'll catch the bad guys pretty quickly. >> reporter: witnesses say it was a vicious beating that perez was hit in the head with
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a baseball bat. detectives say an autopsy revealed he died of blunt force trauma. >> what they do believe is that this incident is gang related so therefore we're following up on a lot of gang intelligence. >> reporter: the neighborhood is in shock. people who live next door discovered the body when they looked out their window and saw police activity. >> this is where they started putting the tape up in this area. but it was right there is where it was. >> reporter: her husband had heard some noise outside earlier. >> i just heard -- i was in there and i just heard some arguing going on back here. >> reporter: cue tell what they were fighting about? >> no. >> reporter: it's a relatively small park. two tennis court, a basketball court, a few picnic tables. people would live around here say this park, the woodlawn neighborhood park is fairly quiet and actually underused. they say a lot of kids who come through here use it as a cut- through to another neighborhood. but that's during the day. residents say they sometimes have to call police to check on
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illegal activity at night. >> we've had drugs sold out of this park before. and they're usually very good about coming if we call them. >> when my daughter, she normally comes to this park because she like to play soccer and that's very scary. i really feel it's unsafe now. >> reporter: in fairfax county, virginia, karen gray louseton, fox a -- houston, fox 5 news. >> this beating death is the first homicide in the county this year. last year there were 9. a scathing criticism of catholic bishops from the pope himself. find out why he's so unhappy. could octomom and her kids be homeless soon? the owner of the house where she lives is speaking out. details on the other side of the break.
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now to a horrific story in florida where a swarm of killer bees attacked a man and his dog. the shepherd mix was killed in the attack. the manual has a swollen eye and his mouth is also swollen. he was trimming the backyard tree but got too close to a hive with 70,000 africanized bees. >> he went back to this tree where he discovered the biggest beehive in the world and they told us they're african bees. >> those bees are aggressive. they've been here since i got here. i called pple about them before. you can't get nobody to do
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nothing around here. >> he and his other dog were able to escape from the bees but his dog socks died in the vicious attack. bee experiments are saying they're seeing more and more killer bees. pope benedict blasting irish officials -- [ inaudible ] -- in an open letter apologizes to victims. fox's greg burke has the details. >> reporter: pope benedict's long awaited letter to catholics in ireland coming out today but it's not just the irish who are reading it as the sex abuse crisis in the church has also hit germany and other countries throughout europe. pope benedict was especially tough with the irish bishops talking about how they failed, sometimes grievously as he put it to deal with the situation. benedict saying i am truly sorry for what he called criminal and sinful acts talking about his shame and remorse, telling the abusers that they have to face almighty god for their since but also
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justice here on earth. some of his deepest words, most profound words in that letter are for the victims themselves. he's saying of course nothing can undo the harm that was done. the pope also saying he understands if they have trouble even walking through the doors of a church again. and finally the pope has ordered an investigation into the church in ireland, what's called in vatican terms an apostolic visitation but that means people going there looking at the diocese where the situation was much worse also seminary and rollinguous order -- religious orders. ray lahood is heading to japan to get some answersbout toyota's recent problems. 's planning to go there this summer for talks with toyota executives. he wants to know about the sudden acceleration problems plaguing toyotas. he wants to look at japan's high speed train system as well. no complaint abouts weather here but out west bad conditions in colorado causing some serious accidents like this one just south of denver
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yesterday. there was a dog riding in a car and it wound up tangled in a tractor-trailer. wind and snow making driving conditions dangerous. wow, so hard to see that considering we've had such a glorious day. who in the world could possibly complain about this weather? who are you? we don't want to hear from you. >> we know it was a great day. >> plenty of sunshine. what a great start for the first day of spring. we couldn't ask for anything better. take a look outside. a light breeze as you can see. we still have really nice sky conditions outside and the temperatures are still very much on the warm side. i'm going to say warm, not even mild because wait until you see our daytime highs and how much we were above seasonal. unbelievable. what's in store as we take a look ahead? we have another warm day in the forecast. sunday we'll see just a few clouds but it's not all bad. and early week we start to get a little unsettled weather pattern and we are also talking about mid week having the sun return once again.
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that's at least some good news. spring did officially arrive today. 1:32 p.m. at that time it was around 70 degrees officially at tional airport. and it just kept getting better after that. so no complaints. here's a look at the highs today. 74 at national airport. 76 at dulles. 74 at baltimore. i want to tell you that these temperatures are anywhere from 17 to 20 degrees warmer than they should be. so we have really been spoiled today. we got a great treat. it's not over. look at the temperatures now. 69 at d.c. 72 at gaithersburg. 75 at dulles this hour. the same at manassas. 71 at baltimore. up mid-atlantic they're enjoying nice conditions as well. 71 degrees in boston. 68 in new york city. look at the south. 77 degrees in richmond. so some pretty nce conditions. let's take a look at trueview. as i said we don't really have much going on. we will see a few clouds however gradually getting a little closer as we head into tonight. ridge of high pressure is going to fly its way off the coast. otherwise things are looking really great. a look at radar.
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a totally different picture. you just saw all the snow that hit parts of the west. here's a look at our next weather maker. this system is going to gradually start to move its way toward us. on the back side the colder air so they're dealing with some snow. to the south they had some really strong storms associated with this weather system. as we move through into the sunday night, monday period, we're going to start to feel the effects of it. let's go back to our weather maps. we talked about how nice the temperatures are. take a look at this frontal system because that's going to be a real big difference in temperatures. warm conditions here ahead of it. that's what we're going to deal with for tomorrow. we have a really nice day on tap. another sunny day. a few clouds at 74 degrees. behind the system we see rain and cooler conditions. well, take a look the at change in the temperatures now behind that cold front. they're to the 30s and we have been enjoying 70s today. so this is a really sharp contrast and shows you that colder air that's settling in. we are going to get a little cooler when the frontal system passes but not quite that cool i'm happy to say. tomorrow we've got plenty of sunshine for you then. temperatures in the low 70s.
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might even hit a 75-degree mark there to the south. shouldn't be all bad. here's your day planner. as you head into the midsection of the day around noon it will be 56 degrees. tonight a nice night. becoming partly cloudy, cool, light winds. then for tomorrow no shortage of sunshine now. just a few clouds. very pleasant day. 74 degrees. that system that's going to head our way as we move through into the monday period is going to be overnight sunday into monday. early monday we could see a few showers. but it will get heavier by monday afternoon into monday evening. then we could see some substantial rainfall looking at measurable rainfall and that's also the time we're going to have to keep a close eye on the maryland portion of the chesapeake bay and the tied 58 potomac -- tidal potomac. even a chance of a thunderstorm there as well. here's your five-day forecast. another stellar day tomorrow.
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warm. plenty of sunshine. keep the umbrella close for monday. you're definitely going to need it. we are talking rainfall that's going to last through into the first part of tuesday. and a chance of a thunderstorm in this forecast as well. wednesday and thursday we're back to the sun. >> we do need the rain for the flowers though. thank you, gwen, for that. so imagine you're driving down a highway and all of a sudden a plane lands right in front of you. it happened in indiana last night. the plane lost power and the pilot had nowhere else to go. fortunately there wasn't much traffic on the road at the time. the highway had to be shut down for the investigation. the pilot was not hurt. the woman known as octomom could be evicted from her hse. the former owner says nadya suleman is behind on house payments. the former owner says for the last year the father had been paying a $450,000 loan. he says he was trying to give the mom and her 14 kids enough time to find financing to buy the house but so far has not heard anything from nadya. >> if it wasn't for me to help
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them to give the -- get the children out of the hospital, they would not have the children in the house now. so i was the kids' savior. otherwise nobody would give them a house with this deal. >> he says he is going to court. nadya leases the house from her father so they say she's a victim caught in the middle. it looks like a new super bug is on the rise in hospitals. it's called c. dinf and it's juice pacing those in-- it's outpacing those infections like mrsa. the hot rookie for the tionals on the mood. we'll tell you where steve strasberg is headed before the season even starts. ro
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good evening. happy saturday there. was no let down yesterday for the maryland terrapins although after seeing georgetown fall you really knew anything was possible. waiting for tipoff didn't seem to affect the terps who were able to not only keep pace but eventually control houston. late last night in spokane, washington gary williams and company pulled away from the pesky cougars in the second half. jordan williams had a monster night in his first ncaa game. a team high 21 point, a game high 17 rebounds. what about the seniors?
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they did their thing too. the terps hold on for an 89-77 win and it wasn't easy being the last team to play in the opening round. >> i think we were just -- [ indiscernible ] we were so tight. we hadn't played in a while. we watched all these games. a lot of teams got upset. we just wanted -- we just weren't relax. the second half was a different type of game. we were loose and we led the game and we had a good game. >> i always tell myself nothing else matters except the first game. i don't look at anybody else's tape or anything like that i just look at houston. you know, we try to prepare that way and i try to get that through to the players because, you know, if you start thinking well, if this team wins, they lose, that helps us, that type of thing, that's where you get into trouble. >> one game at a time. the terps will play michigan state in a second round game tomorrow at 2:30.
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in florida the nationals came close but they weren able to put back-to-back wins as they fell to the marlins 5- 36789 but the team made a big announcement regarding their young superstar stephen strasberg and it comes just one day after his most impressive outing of the day. he'll start his pro baseball career in the minors with the double a harrisburg steam. last night he struck out eight in four innings after allowing two first inning home runs but don't be surprised to see him move up fast. he walked just one batter, struck out 12 in nine innings. he spoke yesterday after the game. >> i've been able to make some adjustment, working in the bullpens and trying to throw as many pitches as i can, starting in the strike zone to force contact and not so much kind of nibbling. it's a part of the game. in order to go deeper in volume, you have to evolve at the plate. i've been trying to work hard
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and, you know, i've just been trying to have a little success so far. order yols split squad in action in florida against tim wakefield and the red sox. that knuckleball already looking in midseason form. deep to left. the red sox go to o to shut out the birds 6-0. the capitals return to the ice tonight and will conclude their four-game eight-day road trip with the game against tampa bay. good news. alex ovechkin will make his return as well. as you know ovechkin had to serve a two-game n.f.l. suspension for this hit against the blackhawks brian campbell. it's now been six days since he last played last sunday. he still hold as two-point lead in the league scoring rce and he trails sydney crosby by one goal in the chase for the rocket trophy. d.c. united fans just five days before the season opener, they have struck a deal on a new five-year collective bargaining agreement. the players had threatened to
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strike if an agreement couldn't be reached by this weekend just in time. one last weather word. wonderful. >> sunshine. you know what? if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow as well. we have a repeat performance. just a few clouds. 74 degrees. monday we have a strong system coming through. could hear a rumble of thunder and we're talking plenty of rainfall. enjoy it. >> that does it for us at 6:00. we'll see you later tonight at 10:00 and the news edge at 11:00. be. bye, guys. 
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